The 1 Trillion Dollar Question

The 1 Trillion Dollar Question
How do you maintain personal humility in the midst of extraordinary achievement? Here is a thought shared by Tim Cook when Apple became a 1 trillion dollar company. He was asked  how he is able to demonstrate such great modesty in the midst of all the signficant achievements.
His response: ” _When you work with Apple there is a high expectation on everyone to perform. Because of that high bar, we never quite get there, including the CEO. “If I ever got a big ego, it wouldn’t be for very long.”_ 
So this is my take. 
1. Set the expectations high enough.  Whenever you are tempted to feel you have arrived, that is an indication that you set the bar too low. Actually the only thing you must be proud of is when you have a team that will stop at nothing but excellence. 
2. Most importantly, maintain a "journey perspective" and keep your eyes on the road. Yes, you pause to savour the delights on the journey but you keep your feet on the ground because leadership is a journey not a destination. Humility goes out of the window when you feel you have arrived.