Celebrations that Accelerate Transformation

Question: Should you celebrate when you’ve had a difficult year with disappointing results?

Answer: Yes celebrate! I will encourage you as the leader of the team to lead the celebrations. Here is why you must celebrate.

  1. The economic fortunes of the business is not the basis for the celebration. If the mission is purposeful and relevant then you must celebrate who you are as an organisation, the reason for your existence, and the value you bring to the community. 
  2. The celebration event is an opportunity to raise the values of the team and cement the true purpose of the work of the team. The celebration should elevate and bring dignity to the human effort invested in 2018 and key milestones reached.
  3. Purposeful celebration events can be carried out on any budget becuase it's a leadership effort. As a leader your job is to celebrate the values and behaviours that make a difference in the life of the team and creates value for all stakeholders.