Making Corporate Goals Human Centered

Last week I spent 5 days with International Needs Ghana (a non-profit) in their annual review and planning session. It was my last major assignment in a very busy year but I found every session invigorating. Having spent the year in strategy sessions with leaders discussing macroeconomics, value propositions, market share, profits, etc. shifting the conversation to focus on defining impact indicators, outcomes, SDGs, community transformation was refreshing and fun. 
My big takeaway: Non-profits are learning a lot from private sector. The planning process was underpinned by TEMPLE Advisory's ASET Framework. Private sector must also aggressively link market share and profit growth objectives to lives impacted and communities transformed. This transition energises the human spirit and drives engagement. There is a big opportunity to accelerate transformation if we make our corporate goals human centered.
Let's go for it in 2019. You can start with the SDGs.