Using Feedback to become a more Effective Leader in 2019

If leadership is service, then one key action you can take as a leader before implementing another round of new year resolutions is to ask for feedback. In all humility, you need to go back to the beneficiaries of your leadership service and ask for feedback. This will not only help you to serve your team better, it will also enable you to grow. You may be wondering how to go about this. You can follow these 3 simple steps.
First, approach this with an open mind.
Second, here is a list of questions you can use. 
A.What should I Stop doing?
B. What should I Start doing? 
C. What should I Continue doing?
Third, act on the feedback you receive.
Your  team will respond warmly and appreciate your leadership. You will also be energised to carry out your 2019 resolutions.
Enjoy receiving feedback from your team.