3 Key Resolutions every business leader must fulfill in 2019

Below are three key resolutions that I believe every business leader must fulfill in 2019 to enable them create enduring organisations.
1. Connect your corporate goals to a bigger purpose.
Reason: Making strategic choices based on espoused shared purpose rather than profits creates limitless possibilities for engagement and value creation for all stakeholders.
Key Action: Use this question as a guide. "How will the stakeholders we serve and the communities that we operate in become better because our organisation continues to exist?"
2. Become the Chief People Developer 
Reason: The return on talent is greater than the return on capital. Also, if you want more golden eggs you don’t focus on the eggs, you take care of the goose. 
Key Action: Make a commitment to increase the amount of time you spend with the HR lead. You must work with the HR team to develop robust process for recruiting and deploying talent effectively. 
3. Get yourself a Coach
Reason: Yes, you are also a professional athlete. Executive Coaches provide a safe and supportive space to have fruitful conversations around everyday business challenges with a growth mindset and in a confidential professional relationship. Your learning and growth unlocks possibilities for all.
Key Action: Find a coach. The least you can do is to sign up for a very good leadership development program if you have not participated in one in the last 24 months. 
Happy New Year!!!
Robert Bennin, APTD, CFA, MID
Chief Learning Strategist and Executive Coach
TEMPLE Advisory