Crisis Leadership: Everyday Manual for Leaders

Today, every leader is faced with the same challenge.

The Covid-19 crisis has brought out the best in us as many have defied the odds to support one another in inspiring ways. Unfortunately, the crisis has also exposed some significant gaps in our societies, business models and our ability to adapt to change. Some leaders and organisations have been quicker in responding to this challenge than others.

This is certainly an opportunity to show our best leadership. In this situation, asking the right questions is more important than having off-the-rack #answers. At the beginning of this crisis I held a series webinars
for executive teams where I helped them to think through #3 questions that are critical to success in dealing with this global pandemic. I have decided to share these questions and the strategies in 1,000 words so it can be made available to as many leaders as possible. This is meant to be a quick, easy-to-read go-to-manual for all leaders who are working hard to navigate their organisations through this crisis.

Do what's right. Do what's best.

Robert Marshall Bennin, CFA, APTD, MIoD

Cheif Learning Strategist and Executive Coach

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