Leading From The Boardroom

“A decisive Board is cogitative, proactive, and supportive.” ~ Pearl Zhu

Digitizing Boardroom:
The Multifaceted Aspects of Digital Ready Boards

Leading an organization through a period of rapid change is a daunting challenge. Adding the pressures of leading through this unprecedented covid19 crisis makes every CEO's job very lonely, extremely difficult and prone to error. Leaders at the frontlines preserving lives and livelihoods will appreciate a good hand from the boardroom. Board of directors can play a significant role in setting up CEOs for success.
Here are 5 actions Boards can take to support CEOs to survive and thrive in this difficult time. CEOs can also apply them when dealing with their direct reports.

Robert Bennin, CFA, APTD, MIoD.
Chief Learning Strategist and Executive Coach

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