The Drumbeat has Changed, Change the Dance.

I have certainly missed my moments when I take the stage and "dance". Wait a minute, did I say take the stage? It's really not about me and it's never been about me. It's about the client.

Today is exactly 3 months since I received a text message at 4.55 am, that the 3-day learning program we were to start in about 3hours had been cancelled due to concerns over Covid19 (and justifiably so).

So when Covid hit, we had to adapt - move the learning of leadership and coaching online. For the clients that have adapted (as we did) we have designed some amazing online learning experiences we would not have dreamt of if we were delivering in-person.

In the case of a particular client, physical distance had always been the challenge that prevented us from engaging the leadership team. Now that the norm is online training, we've had great sessions with this team.

The question I ask is, "Why hadn't we thought of this?". The assumption we had was, the only way we could deliver a meaningful session to them was to do it in-person. Oh mindsets!😀

In as much as the pandemic is an unpleasant experience, it still remains with us. The species that thrive are the most adaptable.

Leaders, it's never too late to adapt.