Living and Leading in the New Normal

Good day! I trust that life is getting back to normal wherever you may be.

"Everyone is tested by life, but only a few extract strength and wisdom from their most trying experiences. They are the ones we call leaders."

Do not miss out on this once-in-a-generation opportunity created by the pandemic to redefine and establish effective ways of living and leading in line with your highest aspirations.

It is also an opportunity to establish effective leadership and accelerate transformation in your teams and organisation.

Maximizing the outcomes from our leadership crucibles require that we engage in active reflection on our values, assumptions and what we can do differently. Here are three simple questions worth asking:

1. What brought me to this situation?

2. What lessons should I take from this crucible?

3. How am l changing my leadership narrative?

"Leadership is learning to make the most with what you have"


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