Counting the Positives from the Covid Pandemic

The impact of Covid19 has been devastating. The pandemic has exacerbated and exposed the fault lines in several organisations.

During recent strategy review sessions with clients, I have often asked this question.

    What's been the #positive impact of Covid on the business?

Sometimes, it seems this is a wrong question to ask. Interestingly, I find that teams are eager to share some of the good decisions they have made and new projects initiated. The answers have always brought energy to the discussion and helped teams to move forward.

Then I ask a follow up question.

   What are you going to do to embed all these positives so you do not go back to normal as life gets back to normal?

Why am I sharing this. I just want to encourage you to shift your focus away from havoc wreaked by the pandemic.

Let's look to the future and harvest the positives from this experience. Every cloud has got a silver lining. Work with what you have even if it's just a drop in the desert. That's all you have anyway and it's better than nothing.

Most importantly, accelerate the projects that are within your control and positions you to better respond to the rapidly changing trends. Let's get to work. There is no stopping now!