Accelerate Transformation in Time of Crisis

Covid-19 pandemic has sparked several changes in the way we live, work and do business. In many organisations, the crisis has accelerated digitization plans that have been on the drawing board for several months if not years. This is an opportunity for leaders to accelerate organisational transformation in the interest of all stakeholders.

At TEMPLE Advisory, we have always shared the belief that the number one priority of leaders and organisations must be to accelerate transformation given the pace of change and complexity we are witnessing. This was true even prior to Covid-19, and now more so with the current conditions. Organisations can sail on the winds of pandemic-induced changes and harness the energies, momentum and organisational agility created to push forward much needed transformation. For many businesses that are connected to the “life economy”, these transformations will translate into tangible improvement in lives and sustainable communities.

It always seems impossible until it's done
~ Nelson Mandela


Many organisations have made several attempts at transformation. However, the transformation journey has not always been smooth. Sometimes, the scale of transformation required becomes overwhelming given existing resources. In other cases, the leaders lack the capacity and will necessary to sustain the momentum created. It is not surprising that only few leaders and organisations feel equipped
and confident to navigate the current crisis and emerge better. We believe that the process followed on the transformation journey is much more important than the scale of resources available for the transformation journey.

Our Accelerated Sustained Enterprise Transformation [ASET] Model presents the critical path to accelerating sustained transformations that can be followed by every organisation. In the midst of the crisis, we believe that this model is now more relevant than ever. The current crisis offers a perfect opportunity to reset, restart, reimagine and to rebuild. Below are the 3 key imperatives for accelerating transformation now, and in the future along with 3 critical questions to inspire action on each imperative.

Click to Download PDF Brochure - (Accelerate: Three Imperatives For Transforming Organisations In A Time Of Crisis)