Personal Leadership & Effectiveness Program



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“Personal leadership is the only leadership that’s going to matter in the 21st century”

                                                                                                      Peter Drucker

Research reveals that employees who put proper emphasis on their own development, impact their organizations in significant ways. Personal Leadership & Effectiveness Program [PLE] is an inspiring and highly transformational personal development program for all emerging leaders and staff of forward- looking organizations. The training provides new insights on how recent developments have impacted the workplace and its implications on personal productivity, achievement and success. Participants are assisted to explore at a deeper level how they can make a meaningful difference to their organizations while improving their own skills and leadership. Participants on the Personal Leadership & Effectiveness Program will be able to:

  • Appreciate the changing dynamics in workplaces and the requirements for professional and personal success;
  • Define what success in their roles look like and how they can work to achieve that success;
  • Identify their dominant strengths and styles for working so they can build on their strengths;
  • Develop a plan for their own personal success and professional development using the tools and insights from the program; and
  • Determine organisational priorities and how they can make meaningful contributions towards their achievement.

One of the major outputs from the Program is the preparation of personal development plans that guides participants to enhance their effectiveness while achieving the most powerful impact in their careers. The Personal Leadership & Effectiveness Program is based on current research which shows that personal leadership is a major contributor to higher levels of employee engagement which is a key determinant of superior organizational performance.