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Why don’t you lead when you take the lead?

Are you ready for a lifetime of leadership and professional success? The Essentials of Leadership Excellence [ELE] is an intensive two-day leadership development program that takes leaders on a journey of self-discovery and change. The Program empowers leaders to grow their leadership capacity and accelerate transformation within their organizations using the 4 Principles of Effective Leadership Behaviour. 

If you have ambition for effective leadership then this program is right for you. This unique leadership development program provides an excellent opportunity for leaders to evaluate their assumptions about leadership and the teams they lead; define their purpose and impact; practice effective leadership behaviors and build resilience to overcome the challenges of leadership.

The Program tackles the core and practical problems of leadership and inspires you to want to excel as a leader

Program Benefits:

As a Participant on the Essentials of Leadership Program, you will:

Use images to reflect the ideas

  • Diagnose and evaluate your leadership assumptions and their implications for your leadership development and practice in everyday situations.
  • Develop a profound understanding of  the essence of leadership and learn essential skills you can apply immediately to lead and achieve results.
  • Become more purposeful as a leader by defining your leadership priorities and focusing on select purposeful actions that enhances your effectiveness as a leader.
  • Boost your resilience by applying proven approaches to sustain your leadership inspiration in the face of daunting leadership challenges.
  • Connect with other leaders to share experiences, learn from each other and challenge   yourself to lead in an inspiring manner and achieve your potential as a leader.
  • Create a personalized leadership development plan that will enable you hone your skills for a lifetime of leadership and professional success.

It makes you have a bigger view of leadership which goes beyond what is mostly perceived as leadership by most of us.