Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is customised to address the needs of busy executives. At The Learning Temple, we believe in the power of coaching to transform perspectives, embed new learning and habits, and unleash accelerated sustained performance in individuals, teams and organisations. Our Executive Coaching is an opportunity to extend to an Executive, a trusted relationship and truly extend the limits of performance.

Get The Support You Need For Effective Leadership In A Period Of Rapid Change
On-demand Executive Coaching helps you to:
• Review Your Context
• Recalibrate Your Priorities
• Renew Your Energies and Focus
• Re-strategize For Success

You can opt for one-time coaching session or a series of sessions based on need.

Key Focus Areas that we offer Coaching Support Services include:

  • Enhancing Communication Effectiveness
  • Leadership Transitions
  • Defining Leadership Purpose
  • Resolving Challenges of Leadership
  • Accelerating Leadership Learning
  • Building Leadership Teams
  • Leadership Skills Coaching
  • Reinventing Your Business

These services are offered uniquely to individuals, teams and organisations.

Unique Coaching Solutions:

  1. Leadership Transitions  Coaching is an executive transition coaching service offered by TEMPLE Advisory to support leaders to successfully make the shift and accelerate the value they bring to new roles. The new leader in the critical early days is assisted by a TEMPLE Advisory Coach to get off to a faster start and stay focused on priorities crucial for both short-term and long-term success.
  1. Purposeful Leadership Coaching assists leaders, teams and organizations at every level to define their purpose and stay focused on their leadership priorities in a rapidly changing business environment. Our Coaches will assist you to answer an important question. What’s the purpose of your leadership? Why are you in this game of leadership? In a VUCA world, leaders need to clarify their and stay true to their purpose. At The Learning Temple we believe that all leaders can harness the power of purpose to great effect and achieve outstanding sustainable results through coaching.
  1. Leaders & Managers As Coaches Program assists executives and HR leaders to utilize coaching skills to support other team members and provide coaching interventions within their organisations. This helps to unleash the potential of every talent within the team or organisation with minimal investment. This is underpinned by the belief that we can create a culture of coaching within organisations.  
  1. Organizational Reinvention Coaching assists owners, entrepreneurs, business leaders to take a fresh new look at their organisations and supports them through coaching to take the courageous decisions that put the organisation on a path of accelerated sustained transformation. The coaching sessions are designed to highlight barriers to growth and unearth breakthrough opportunities and critical success factors that will put the organization on a path to peak performance. 

  2. Accelerated Performance Coaching. For those who dare to dream, who believe that there is more to be achieved, there is more to be explored and are unwilling to settle for the current state of affairs until they take the next step and the next step, the Accelerated Performance Coach is offered to such group of people. Our unique coaching process assist to break barriers, unearth new opportunities and puts individuals on a path of accelerated sustained performance.

It was a truly useful engagement that served to focus my mind on the mandatories required to develop the business impact we look for in this chaotic business season.

Regional Director of a Pan African Experiential Marketing Firm.


Your coaching was empowering, as it helped me to reflect on the critical ingredients for success in my new role. It gave me a good footing to take off.

Country Director of a global non-profit.


I felt encouraged that we are doing something right and at the same time our conversation highlighted new and better ways of doing things we may not have considered before especially in a season such as this.

Founder of a tertiary educational institution
This is very useful. This has stretched my imagination and made me realise what’s possible.
Group CFO, a large Insurance Services Group
Duration of Coaching Services:
All the above services can be delivered in a short time frame (one breakthrough session, half day intensive or 3 meetings over a period of 4 to 12 weeks) or a longer time frame (from 3months to 12 months)


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