Strategy Consulting



The disruption created by the pandemic has affected lives and livelihoods in significant ways. We are dealing with a once-in-a-generation challenge which requires unparalleled strategic leadership. Thriving in the long term will depend on the actions you take to plan ahead and prepare for the post-pandemic era even as you navigate the current economic shocks.

It's time to Renew, Reimagine, Restart, Reboot, Recharge, Regroup, Rebuild, Redefine, Reinvent, Restore, Recover.

The ASET Model provides some insights. A new future beckons and we are in it.

Our Enterprise Transformation Advisory Practice, anchored on Our Accelerated Sustained Enterprise Transformation Framework, is even more relevant in the face of our current challenges than when we originally developed the framework. TEMPLE Advisory presents an intimate understanding of corporate transformation and strategy with a focus on value drivers and competitive positioning of the business. The goal of our Enterprise Transformation Advisory Practice is growth and transformation which we believe is found at the nexus of Markets, Strategy, and People. TEMPLE Advisory combines global perspective and local insights to provide unmatched independent analysis to support clients in a period of rapid change.

Our Enterprise Transformation Advisory Practice is anchored on Our Accelerated Sustained Enterprise Transformation Framework which has three main pillars:

• Market Insights (MI): We focus on understanding the micro and macroeconomics of markets, business models changes, demographic changes, changing customer trends and competitive landscape and their effects on clients’ operating environments.


  • Strategic Agility (SA): We assist clients to identify their current reality, anticipate the future, and build a bridge from the current reality to their future possibility. 


  • Engaged Teams (ET): We research and develop company-specific leadership transformation and  business skills enhancement programs which boost the level of engagement and productivity of individuals and teams at work.




• MI+SA+ET = Accelerated Sustained Enterprise Transformation



Solutions offered include:
       • Strategy Facilitation Services 
       • Strategic Decision Support 
       • Market & Competitor Analysis 
       • Business Model Analysis 
       • Corporate Aspirations Definition 
       • Customer Research Insights

TEMPLE Advisory’s Accelerated Sustained Enterprise Transformation Framework provides a unique approach to building sustainable enterprises. Let’s show you how we do this.